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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mohegan Sun/CT 5* Meet and Greet...

Here are our "official group pictures" from the CT 5* Meet and Greet. I made every attempt to stand next to Donnie again but I was thwarted but the two shorter, older women who are in between Donnie & Jordan. They used their womanly assets to make their way in and I got pushed to the side. Thankfully Joe was standing in front and said he had no one to stand with and grabbed my hand and we knelt down in front. Besides the fact that I look like I'm throwing myself at him, he doesn't appear to be grossed out. And technically this could count as my picture with Joe since it doesn't look like I'll get it on November 8th.

I like the fact that with these pictures, we got our new friends in there with us! Shout out to Mel & Megan! Mel is between behind/next to Donnie's arm and Alyson and Megan is making a sexy lady sandwich with Alyson for Jon! Her little hand on the hip ... like check me out!

Oh, and why do I look pregnant? That was not a loose shirt...

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