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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Finally!It has only taken 22 years but I finally got my picture taken with Jordan Knight! Despite the number of events, backstage and Meet & Greet moments I've had, I've never actually been able to catch Jordan for a picture.

Well we finally had our chance! An organization that Jordan's wife is the co-chair held an event to raise money. Jordan attended the event last year (we did not attend) and even pulled the raffle winners, so we expected he might be there again this year. Myself, Stacey, Kelley & Melis decided to make it a girls night out - dinner and then the event. If Jordan was there then it was a bonus. If Jordan was there and we got a photo - EXTRA bonus.

We got there pretty early and it was empty. We mingled, hung out, & danced. We hung out with other friends who started to arrive. Then we noticed Jordan just casually walking around. We didn't want to bother him, but he was graciously taking pictures. So as he walked by we asked if we could get a picture and he was so sweet! He stopped and took a picture with each of at some point throughout the night.

So now it's official - I have a picture with each of the New Kids. And not to be greedy, but I just need an updated one with Joe Mac.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Donnie hosted a "Day One" party on 1/1/11 at Ultra 88 at Mohegan Sun! No better way then to start the year off with Donnie Wahlberg! Before the party was a Meet & Greet, so he graciously took photos with everyone - both group & solo photos if you wanted.

Stacey & I were in Group B so after waiting in Group A line, we were able to relax a bit before it was time for our Group. And although the Meet & Greet went pretty quickly he was so sweet & handsome. Our quick moment together, I told him that we needed to have a date for Dot Day (they'll be in Boston the night before for their show at the Garden). He pulled back from me, holding my arms and said to me "it's a date" with only the smirk he can give. And whether or not he remembers is nothing because that moment was a date enough for me!

We took our group photo (Stacey, Donnie, Me & Melissa) and then we were all able to get our own individual pictures. The sweetest moment was when we were standing there for our group photo - he paused and asked Stacey & I why we were not on the bus with him earlier that day. (There was the opportunity to take a bus trip with him to the party). We quickly explained it wasn't an option this time but the fact that he knew we weren't there and thought enough to ask why meant the world.This man is the most gracious person - giving his time, energy & love to all of his fans! And I'm pretty sure this might be my most favorite picture of he & I...Then we went into the club to dance & hang out ... he sang a few songs and stood on the podiums to perform for us. And then special guests, Naughty by Nature performed. Overall it was a great night & a great way to kick start the year!