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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boston 5* Meet and Greet Pictures...

These are the pictures I snapped from our Boston 5* VIP Meet & Greet at the Boston Garden. We had Front Row Center for this show - it was unbelievable! Such an incredible day & show!
Donnie didn't walk around & mingle because he was going to see a doctor (he was really sick). Jon also didn't mingle because he was probably the one who gave Donnie his flu/cold. Jordan literally did one lap around the room - I didn't see him stop to take a picture or give autographs. Joe was great and walked around, gave autographs and probably posed for pictures. Danny didn't walk around but he did sign stuff and pose for pictures in the little group up front.

The Boston Garden letters were on the original building - they just put them in the Legends Restaurant inside the new Garden. Cool...

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