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Friday, September 26, 2008

Recap: Boston Show 9/26/08...

The show was unbelievable. There was not one moment in the show where I thought "yeah, they could have done without this". They performed for 2 hours without stopping. Donnie did have a few breaks where he talks to the crowd - but that's his thing. If he didn't do that, it wouldn't be a New Kids show!

I got there earlier to see the buses, etc but by the time I got there I was convinced they were already inside so I decided to go meet up with my friend Stacey and wait with her for her 5* VIP. We stood in the area and just checked out the scene. She was looking to see if she could get in with a crowd that wouldn't have a Jon fan so she could stand next to him in her photo. It was time for her to go upstairs and have her fun begin so I met up with Alyson & Moira.

We went to the Greatest Bar beforehand and it was like a New Kids convention. It was fun yet funny all at the same time. They had the Greatest Hits DVD playing on the screens and there were some ladies who dressed like they did in the '80s. That was a bit much, but that's just my take...and there were some ladies who were already drunk or close to it. Why spend money on a ticket when you're going to be drunk off your arse?

Did I mention that it was raining? SHOCKER, I know (sarcasm at it's finest)...

Chris met us at our seats as she had a previous engagement and was probably for the best that she missed the crazies at the bar. But she didn't pass up the opportunity to laugh at me when I showed her my "Property of Donnie" tshirt I just purchased.

I'm not going to lie - I cried few times because the whole thing of having the boys reunited and performing in Boston was a dream come true. I was very emotional and at one point really just stood there taking it all in because it was so crazy. Their opening really hit hard with me... the "they walked away" part (gulp)

Because I'm only 5'2", Alyson took my camera and took the majority of the pictures - collectively we took 455!!! CRAZY! I've been widdling thru them and I'm down to 342, still crazy. Imagine the shows when I have 5*?!

I really don't know what my favorite part of the show was. I've been trying to figure this one out from the moment it ended and I really can't figure it out. And as I look through my pictures, that doesn't help because I keep thinking how much I loved the whole show.

We had decent floor seats but even better seats for then they come back to the small stage! On the way back Danny & Donnie hit my hand...I made sure to get Donnie!

Having Joey say "Right down the street from Fields Corner" when Danny finished break dancing made my sister & I go into fits of excitment as that's our neighborhood!

The tribute was so sweet & special! There was actually a picture of a kid I went to school with on there - I went to elementary school with him and his family. I grew up with his sister, Melissa.

Right before Hangin' Tough, the other most amazing time of the night was when they were showing logos of Boston things on the screen (Red Sox, the "T", Celtics, Bruins, etc) and then there were also putting the letters N-K-O-T-B up there quickly flashing and then it all started to flash quickly and this is what it turned into:I'm blowing this up and framing it as it encompasses all of my passions: New Kids, Boston, Red Sox, Celtics! You can't get better than that.

Paul Pierce coming out with the trophy was fan-freakin'-tastic! The whole place was electrified even more than usual.

Another moment for me from the evening... getting my picture taken with Jimmy Wahlberg and then riding the elevator back to our car with Robert Wahlberg - he was with his family so we didn't say anything to him.

The whole night was amazing and I'm so glad I'm going back Sunday night and even better with 5*!!

Overall a fantastic night and I loved every second.

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