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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Finally!It has only taken 22 years but I finally got my picture taken with Jordan Knight! Despite the number of events, backstage and Meet & Greet moments I've had, I've never actually been able to catch Jordan for a picture.

Well we finally had our chance! An organization that Jordan's wife is the co-chair held an event to raise money. Jordan attended the event last year (we did not attend) and even pulled the raffle winners, so we expected he might be there again this year. Myself, Stacey, Kelley & Melis decided to make it a girls night out - dinner and then the event. If Jordan was there then it was a bonus. If Jordan was there and we got a photo - EXTRA bonus.

We got there pretty early and it was empty. We mingled, hung out, & danced. We hung out with other friends who started to arrive. Then we noticed Jordan just casually walking around. We didn't want to bother him, but he was graciously taking pictures. So as he walked by we asked if we could get a picture and he was so sweet! He stopped and took a picture with each of at some point throughout the night.

So now it's official - I have a picture with each of the New Kids. And not to be greedy, but I just need an updated one with Joe Mac.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Donnie hosted a "Day One" party on 1/1/11 at Ultra 88 at Mohegan Sun! No better way then to start the year off with Donnie Wahlberg! Before the party was a Meet & Greet, so he graciously took photos with everyone - both group & solo photos if you wanted.

Stacey & I were in Group B so after waiting in Group A line, we were able to relax a bit before it was time for our Group. And although the Meet & Greet went pretty quickly he was so sweet & handsome. Our quick moment together, I told him that we needed to have a date for Dot Day (they'll be in Boston the night before for their show at the Garden). He pulled back from me, holding my arms and said to me "it's a date" with only the smirk he can give. And whether or not he remembers is nothing because that moment was a date enough for me!

We took our group photo (Stacey, Donnie, Me & Melissa) and then we were all able to get our own individual pictures. The sweetest moment was when we were standing there for our group photo - he paused and asked Stacey & I why we were not on the bus with him earlier that day. (There was the opportunity to take a bus trip with him to the party). We quickly explained it wasn't an option this time but the fact that he knew we weren't there and thought enough to ask why meant the world.This man is the most gracious person - giving his time, energy & love to all of his fans! And I'm pretty sure this might be my most favorite picture of he & I...Then we went into the club to dance & hang out ... he sang a few songs and stood on the podiums to perform for us. And then special guests, Naughty by Nature performed. Overall it was a great night & a great way to kick start the year!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blue Bloods...

Donnie Wahlberg stars in a new tv show with Tom Selleck this fall. I'm so excited to be able to watch him on tv weekly again! And he plays a cop, again! He plays cops very well.

There was an article about him & his acting that I thought was great showing how he's grown!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Year Ago...

A year ago this week, I was in Donnie-heaven. First we were able to greet him at the airport where he was super sweet.

And then we went to visit him at his trailer on the set of Zookeeper. Again, he was incredibly sweet & funny!

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
He was so incredibly sweet and wouldn't let go, & kept giving me hugs. He told me he loved he whispered in my ear.
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
That's right - Donnie's sunglasses & headphones while in his move trailer, Boston - September 2010
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Donnie Wahlberg's Birthday Party

Donnie had a birthday party last night at Mohegan Sun to celebrate his 40th birthday (again - as he turned 40 last year). Of course I wasn't missing out!
We had a great location of where we stood as it was right in front of the podium Donnie was going to be on to perform/talk. So nice to be that close!He came out and thanked everyone for being there! Then he had the entire club sing happy birthday to 'us' as he wanted it to be one giant celebration for all of us. Then he came over to 'cut' the cake. The cake had these cool chocolate decorations on them which had pictures of Donnie on them from different years/shows, etc. He started handing out some to the crowd and of course girls got pushy.

At one point he started to walk towards the other side of the club and hand out a few more chocolate pieces. Then, as if by magic, he turns to his left and sees me around one of the security guys shoulder. He gave me a great big grin as if to say 'I know you're here'. He takes a chocolate piece from the tray and hands it to me! ME! Someone else tried to grab it but he took it back to make sure I got it. It was very cool. Here's my chocolate piece which is now in a plastic bag in my freezer!He performed 'Rise & Grind', "I Got It" and one of Jimmy & Roscoe's songs. At the end of the night, he sang along to 'Single'!As the night went on, I was okay that I might not get a hug from Donnie but felt lucky because I did get a chocolate picture handed to me by him! The night was winding down and I needed to go rest my feet so I went to hang with Kim & Stacy in their little nook. All of a sudden, Donnie walks toward the podium just where I'm standing! He sees me & heart just sang. We both cocked our heads to the side and then he put his arm out for a hug. My night was complete. Then he started to be goofy before he got on the podium and was starting to groove on. I couldn't resist swaying with him and putting my head on his shoulders...did I mention pure bliss!?
I couldn't have asked for a better night - I got to celebrate Donnie's birthday, Donnie handed me chocolate (that's like mecca), I got a Donnie hug & a smile! Pure bliss!

Stacy, Stacey, Kim, Me & Kim hanging out at the end of the night! It's always great to see these girls!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Since the reunion in 2008, I've been incredibly blessed to have some quality facetime with not only NKOTB but more specifically Donnie.

There have been countless times over the past 2 years that I have had conversations with myself about how the inner 17 year old would never have believed that Donnie would not only know me by sight but also know my name. The inner 17 year old would have also never have dreamed that she would so fortunate to spend time with him in his movie trailer, wearing his sunglasses & headphones.

That's right, I wore Donnie Wahlberg's headphones! Picture to come!

Here's where it all started...Sept 2008, Newbury Comics, CD Signing
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Then we moved to our first 5* Meet & Greet before showtime - Sept 28th, 2008, Boston Garden
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Second 5* Meet & Greet was only two days later on Sept 30th, 2008 - Mohegan Sun, CT. I wasn't fortunate to stand with Donnie but I did get to chill with Joe:
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

The Mohegan Sun Meet & Greet was one of the better opportunities we had for individual pictures. It was also the very first time I got my first intentional picture of Donnie & I. I asked him to sign my "DOT" sticker and asked for a picture. I was shocked I was able to speak but I did.
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

I also managed to get pictures with Jon & Danny at that Meet & Greet
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

The next opportunity for Face Time happened at the next 5* Meet & Greet which was November 8th, 2008 back at Mohegan Sun. I went with Alyson, Stacey & Kelley and we had a plan to make sure Kelley & I were next to Donnie however he was bumrushed by girls we have renamed the "Bubble Dress Girls". So right before the picture was taken I was standing there alone so I ran over to the end, next to Jon (and I ended up holding my own arse):
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

From November 2008 to March 2009 was pretty quiet for shows/facetime. So when the Spring/Summer tour was announced, we were all over it! We decided to get "normal" seats for the March 2009 show so we could save money to buy 5* Meet & Greet passes for the summer shows.

The first 5* was back at Mohegan Sun on June 18th, 2009. This was a great moment for me because not only did Donnie recognize me but he grabbed me, called me his "love" and wouldn't let go! In fact the security guy had to ask us to "break up our lovefest". Here's the proof:
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

And a close up of both shots:
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

And the very next night, Stacey & I had our last 5* of the tour home in Mansfield! Wouldn't have wanted it any other place... this night I was not as fortunate to get to stand next to Donnie as those girls were NOT budging. They followed him with arms around his waist around the entire area. So instead of Donnie, I made a beeline to Joe! I was standing next to Jordan at one point and there was a spider on his shoulder which I told him to stand still and I picked it off him. He called me his spider hero. Then it was time for the photo and Joe recognized me, told me to come over and called me "BUDDY!" He also told me how cool he thought my black bracelet was. I almost gave it to him but the photographer distracted us, as it was now picture time.

NKOTB,Facetime,Donnie Wahlberg
Couple close-ups of my pics with Joe:
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
After the photo, I snuck back to Donnie to ask him to sign my Donnie-tag which he was so excited to do and said I shouldn't feel bad to ask him.

After the summer tour ended, we all kind of wondered what would happen next. And thankfully for us, Donnie wasn't ready to end the facetime either! That August he decided to throw a few parties to celebrate his 40th birthday! One of the parties was held in Boston. My friends couldn't go but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity so I went solo.

That night was a bit crazy! We waited a long time to get in and then a lot more before he even got into the club. But I was standing in the best spot...I knew that he had to walk by me to make his way up to VIP and it was confirmed the way Johnny (his assistant) was walking in my direction. I stood my ground avoiding the arms & shoulders in my back which got pretty intense once he started walking towards us.

I was thankful that the club took pics and I found as Donnie enters and happens to walk right by me. You can see the back of my head with the bobby pins right next to Johnny’s white shirt, I’m in front of the girl with the blonde bob. Donnie’s next to him in the gray shirt, Robo is directly behind him.
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Here he is getting closer and has now turned so he’s facing my side of the… for some reason Johnny was moving perfectly so that Donnie would end up right in front of me.
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

And Johnny steps by and Donnie is facing me so I go to give him a hug and he stops so I put my hand (I know that’s my hand because of the bracelet and because that’s my hand/head) on his face and then he leans. I was just going to hug him but he kissed me too! And here is where I started to get smooshed as you can tell. But the look on his face literally makes my heart melt!
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

The fall of 2009 was beyond anything I could have imagined! I had several moments/ opportunities with Donnie and every time, Donnie was so incredibly nice & welcoming. I don't know if I have a favorite moment but there are definite highlights! Each moment was special for me but when he pointed me out of a crowd & knew my name, even giving me a little nickname, I was over the moon for at least a week! It might have made my year! This man has no idea how incredibly special he is to me nor does he realize how special he makes me feel!

EDIT: I'm going to add pics now and then add my stories/moments behind them!

Airport - September 2010
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
He was so incredibly sweet and wouldn't let go, & kept giving me hugs. He told me he loved he whispered in my ear.
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
That's right - Donnie's sunglasses & headphones while in his move trailer, Boston - September 2010
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

At the airport - December 2010
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

Rehearsal for the HOB show - December 2010
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime
This is where I got my nickname "my irish girl'
Donnie Wahlberg,NKOTB,Facetime

NKOTB Cruise 2010 (inside joke: #86)
Donnie Wahlberg

Cruise Meet & Greet Photo
Donnie Wahlberg,face time

Friday, October 30, 2009

Donnie's New Deal...

Donnie Wahlberg Signs Exclusive Licensing Deal With Universal Music Canada

I Got It’ at Radio and iTunes® Now

Toronto, ON. (27 October, 2009) – Universal Music Canada (UMC), the country’s leading music company, are delighted to announce that they have signed Donnie Wahlberg, star of New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) and the ‘Big Screen’ to an exclusive licensing agreement for Canada. ‘I Got It’, the debut single from Wahlberg, features Aubrey O’Day and is at radio and iTunes® now.

Wahlberg says of the partnership, “Canadian fans have championed the return of New Kids from the start... This solo song and deal are simply an extension of their loyalty and energy.”

“Donnie is an international star and we’re delighted to be furthering our successful relationship with him in Canada,” commented Jeremy Summers, Vice President, Marketing, UMC. “‘I Got It’ is already one of the biggest reaction songs of the fall.”

NKOTB returned to the top of the charts last year with the release of The Block, the band’s first album in almost fifteen years. The corresponding 140-date tour launched with a sold-out three-night stand in Canada, at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, before going on to thrill over a million fans worldwide.

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, NKOTB established what the modern boy band would sound and look like, and became a phenomenon by selling more than 80 million albums worldwide -- including back-to-back international #1 albums, 1988’s Hangin’ Tough and 1990’s Step By Step -- and a series of crossover smash R&B, pop hits like “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”, “Cover Girl”, “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)”, “Hangin’ Tough”, “I’ll Be Loving You”, “Step By Step”, and “Tonight”. The group shattered concert box office records playing an estimated 200 concerts a year, in sold out stadiums throughout the world. They were Forbes’ highest paid entertainers of 1990, beating out Michael Jackson and Madonna. The band boasted an extensive and highly profitable merchandise line which included everything from lunch boxes and sleeping bags to comic books, marbles and dolls.

A phenomenal fan base has always been one of the cornerstones of the group’s success and NKOTB's Canadian fans will be thrilled that Donnie Wahlberg is back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Friggin Riot

Oh Joey - how much you entertain me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


That's all I can say.


What a way to end my Full Service tour but with a BANG! I went to the Mohegan Sun show on Thursday, June 18th & then the hometown show in Mansfield, MA on June 19th.

Stacey & I went together and did the 5* Meet & Greet because there really is no other way to experience them then through 5*!

Between the two shows I took about 1,500 pictures! 1,500. Crazy! I'm currently in the process of cropping & uploading them now so once they're good to go, I'll definitely post them.

I plan on doing a recap of both shows including the Meet & Greet's but let's just say that I couldn't have asked for anything better! Both Meet & Greet's & concerts were phenomenal! I got some major facetime with Donnie at the Mohegan M&G that the security called it a "lovefest". I managed to get him to sign my soldier tag at Mansfield.

Joe was so sweet to me both nights and he looked hot rocking the new "rocksicle" hair do!

There were so many amazing moments that I'm going to do my best to recount them all because it would be a shame to forget one second. So before I do the actual recap, here's a quick snapshot of what's in my brain that I don't want to forget

Mohegan Moments
  • Rain
  • M&G with Stacey - had fun despite the disorganization, hung out with "normal" girls & our photo group was cool
  • Lovefest with Donnie at Mohegan (talking about my tag, he said he loves me and that I was cute)
  • Thanking Joe for selecting me for the bookdrive for Mansfield even though I couldn't participate
  • Didn't get to hug Danny during M&G - he didn't get a lot of lovin' from our group
  • Our seats were 2nd row center
  • missed Donnie introducing Jabbas
  • Jabbas throwing their hanky at me for chatting with Stacey
  • The Show!

Mansfield Moments

  • Rain in the AM but then the sun came out
  • M&G with Stacey - a bit more organized but this one had a weird vibe. It was as if everyone wanted to come to the hometown show and everyone seemed to be a Donnie girl
  • M&G photo was great - Donnie signed my tag & gave me a hug/kiss thanking me for coming back
  • Talked to Joe about bookdrive, and how I brought a lot of books - he was very appreciative
  • Asked Jon about my uncles and he didn't really seem to care
  • Hugged Danny this time
  • Went to hug Jordan but he had a spider on his shoulder so I picked it off and he called me the "spider saver" - he was in a good mood
  • Seats were 3rd row center!
  • Donnie & Jordan brought Elijah, Dante, Chance & Rob Jr out to introduce Jabbas
  • Got lots of face time DURING the show from Donnie - so much so that I thought I was imagining it until Stacey confirmed it
  • Hometown show was incredible - very emotional for me
  • Cried/teared up several times (opening, IBLYF, One Song, Games, Donnie's talk, Hangin' Tough, and end) and then driving home - 20 years, same venue between shows

Blogging Recap...

I know, I know - I'm so bad in my blogging!

I'm 5 weeks late with my Today Show update. I promise my goal this week is to work on the Today Show, Mohegan & Mansfield recaps - complete with pictures!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet and Greet Pictures...

Pics of Meet & Greet from Mohegan:
This displays some of my lovefest with Donnie. Our group consisted of a lot of 5* virgins so they really had no idea what to expect. We lined up and they all asked who we all wanted and it lined up perfectly - there were only 2 Donnie girls! As soon as I got him, I wasn't letting go...and I notice I always go to his right side. He kept whispering things so it made the time so much fun!

Meet & Greet Pics from Mansfield:
I had a very fiesty group who the majority were Donnie girls so I know my chance was limited. I figured that as long as I got my hug/kiss, and he signed my tag then I could share him. And if I can't have Donnie, I'd like Joe please. I chatted with Joe about the bookdrive and how I brought a lot of books tonight. He was so excited and appreciative!

Stacey was extremely happy with Mansfield because being on the end with Jon makes it feel as if it's just the two of them. Plus, it makes for a nicer cropped/zoomed picture of the two of them! Normally, we have to wait almost two weeks to have these pictures posted. But for some blessed reason, each group was posted the night of the show! Talk about being blessed!

Friday, June 19, 2009

DDub Soldier...

Donnie has been asking his loyal fans (who he nicknamed soldiers) to show they're true soldiers when they see him. I tried to think of something clever and came up with a dog tag inspired theme but similar to a M&G laminate.
He was so touched by it at the Mohegan show that he held it and kept saying thank you. I was so excited for the lovefest that I forgot to ask him to sign it. So I knew that at the Mansfield M&G I had a very small window for operation autograph!
As soon as my group walked in, I made a beeline to him. We had a small chat, he said it was nice to see me again and I asked if he could sign my tag since I now had one for both Mohegan & Mansfield. He said sure and signed it. And just as he finished security walked over and asked what I was doing.
I played stupid and headed over to Joe...what? what autograph??
That's right - Operation Autograph Complete!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Soldier Reporting...

This soldier is reporting for duty...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Here's a picture from the Launch Party taken by the promoters. Can you find myself & Stacey?? We're the ones looking around (and unfortunately not smiling in this one)... but if you find amazon women we're right next to them.

Launch Party

As Stacey pointed out to me, our heads are in a few other pics so here's the link to them: Mindless Photos

Donnie comes Home...

Article from about Donnie's weekend in Boston (referencing the Celtics game, Launch Party, and a visit to a Dorchester School):

Wahlberg on the C's bandwagon
Is Donnie Wahlberg psychic? We'll find out as the Celtics make a run for banner 18. Wahlberg's prediction: "First of all, they're gonna beat Orlando in five or six. Then we're gonna hope that K.G. comes back, and even if he does, Cleveland is gonna be really overconfident. . . . We're gonna steal one of the first two in Cleveland, then LeBron's gonna sprain his ankle and the Celtics are gonna beat them in five. . . . Then we gotta see if we can beat the Lakers. We gotta get me back in LA and have me like, uh, take Phil Jackson's hearing aid so he can't coach the Lakers properly. Then we can win the whole series. I think we can do it." So do we, Donnie, so do we. . . . Wahlberg has been pitching positivity all over town these past few days. He spent Saturday at the Garden rooting on the gang in green. Sunday, he hosted a party at the Hard Rock Cafe for local hip-hop artist Jimmy Marsh, the first artist signed to Wahlberg's Donnie D record label. Guests at the party included fellow New Kid Jordan Knight, UFC pinup Rachelle Leah, who told us she's been friends with Wahlberg since the two met in Vegas a few years ago. Wahlberg finished the good-will tour by surprising all 63 students at the Mother Caroline Academy in Dorchester with tickets to the New Kids on the Block show in June. "There was a lot of screaming. I've had a headache all day," joked Beth Griffin, the school's director of development. Wahlberg was connected to the school through hedge fund hotshot (and Celtics co-owner) Jim Pallota, an academy donor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Donnie D Productions Launch Party...

Last night, Stacey & I went to the Launch Party for Donnie D Productions. He's producing a new artist, Jimmy Marsh for his record label. Jimmy Marsh is a member of the NorthSide Boys from back in the day so of course I had to go to support my Dorchester boys. The show was good, better than I anticipated.

Stacey & I met up for dinner at Ned Devine's around 6pm (but we're both always early) and we met in the exact same spot where we had our original private facetime moments back in September. We had dinner, hung out and joked about the weather and if it would rain or not. We decided to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) to see if there was a line or not...

We got a tweet from Donnie that they just finished up soundcheck so we figured missed them. So we dropped stuff off at our cars and waited for what seemed like forever for the elevator - but as we'll come to find out that was important to do! Heading to the HRC, we were about to turn the corner to the front door and we hear girls clammering and I see flashes going off. My stomach flips thinking that maybe just maybe...and no sooner do I look thru the doors but Donnie comes out wearing a black shirt & his green Boston Hat. There was a small group of girls before us who he nodded and gave one of them a high five. He walked towards us and I wasn't letting him go with just a high five. I said Hi Donnie and he stopped, grabbed my hand, gave me a hug and we gave each other cheek kisses (honestly these are my FAVORITE kind from him). He stopped and gave Stacey a hug & kiss too. He was so sweet and happy. I barely had time to realize that I had my camera in the other hand but then his buddy pointed him in the direction of the hotel.

AHHHHHH - he made my 2008 and he made my 2009! At that moment, I didn't care how the party went I got my facetime moment.

Stacey & I went in the HRC to wait/hang out. There were plenty of other girls in there too doing the same thing. We sat at the bar and checked out the scene because a HRC hostess told us that we would be able to stay inside and then at 10pm just go over to be checked in. We asked if we would have to line up or go outside and she said no, so we were pretty excited.
She was wrong. At about 9pm, they told us to go outside to line up. More waiting. But at least it wasn't raining! But to be consistent - it was a Donnie Wahlberg event as opposed to a NKOTB event and there was small amounts of sprinkling vs rain. We stood outside with everyone else, including VIPs (who were told on the confirmation they would not have to be in line). Donnie & crew arrived right around 10pm, and finally at about 10:20pm they let people in and we made our way to the stage. We actually ended up getting a pretty decent position at the stage area, only 2 people in front of us most of the time. However, we did seem to have amazon women all around us who got mad at us for just standing there when they were a good foot taller than both of us! HELLO, we're not tall!

There was a dance group before Jimmy Marsh and they were pretty good, and then all of a sudden I look around to check out the crowd and Jordan walks by. I guess he had issues getting past HRC staff (oh lord). The pic I took of Jordan is great because a girl's expression is PRICELESS...look at the picture to see for yourself! There was a M&G, on the stage, for folks who bought VIP. I'm 75/25 glad I didn't do VIP because you paid more and besides a picture, didn't get a better spot at the stage, etc. But the 25% of me is mad because you got the group photo and if you brought up your own camera, Donnie took individual pics with everyone. Crowds were manageable and there was no one pushing people off. It seemed to work well and we watched all of it.

Then it was showtime - there was a great video of Donnie D Productions that I believe Stacey the meantime here's a copy I found on youtube:

Donnie introduced Jimmy Marsh and came right out to the center stage, right in front of us. He even leaned in and let folks get at him. I got stepped on and smooshed by a few amazon women, but I did have my hand on his hand while he was holding the mic. I even was able to take a moment, look at my hand on his while on the mic - it was pretty damn cool.Love this grin...Donnie seemed incredibly happy all night as well he should be. He & Jimmy did some great stuff and the party went very well (except for the line part). Then for the encore, if you will, Donnie came on stage and sang the latest song they did call "I don't give a F*ck". The crowd loved it... Donnie rocked his shades for this performance and the actual song is pretty damn catchy. I just cannot listen to it at work or around my son, for obvious reasons. Overall, it was a fun night and I'm incredibly happy that I went. I'm also incredibly happy that I got more facetime! Bring on 2009!!

And here's a link to all of the pics I took last night: Donnie D Production Launch Party