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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recap: Mohegan Sun/CT Show 9/30/08...

Alyson & I got to Mohegan Sun around 4:30pm and had to figure out exactly where to go once in Mohegan Sun. We walked through the crowded Casino and eventually found the Caberet Theatre. At one point, we saw Rodney (Interscope Rep) escort girls into the venue for the soundcheck and I was so tempted to go in, but I didn't want to miss the M&G opportunity. We get in line and I thought we were pretty far back, but in reality we weren't that far.

Two girls got in line behind us and somehow we started talking. We met two new friends, Melissa & Megan, who are extremely sweet and we hung out with them the whole night. Megan & Mel sat with us and we asked ILAA if we could all be in the same photo group. It was nice to have normal people to hang out with. Plus, we helped guide them through and helped let them know what to expect. And now we have two new friends that we get to hang out with and hopefully get together with in the future! We already know that we'll all be going to the November 8th show so we're going to plan to meet up before the show!

M&G was in the Caberet Theatre which was kind of cool to do it that way - it's a very small venue where you sit at tables and look at a stage. They had the photos taken on stage. There were groups up to Group O/P. We got checked in and got our passes (we were in Group H) and then headed to a table. We got drinks and some food and then waited a bit, but not too long. The ILAA girl explained the set up and then Robo came out and explained the rules. He wasn't in nearly as good of a mood that he was Sunday night in Boston but I do have to say the mood between Boston's M&G room and Tuesday night was completely different. Tuesday was a lot more calmer & almost made you think that girls would actually listen and not rush them after. We got into our groups and got on stage to take our pictures. Danny didn't seem that into it, he was texting frequently in between shots. Jordan, for the most part, was friendly but reserved. Joe was Joe and was mingling about, talking to people, giving hugs. Jon was also friendly and giving hugs even though he felt like crap. He was great about asking people what their names were.

Donnie was Donnie! Donnie is the man. Donnie hugged, kissed, and genuinely took his time with everyone. He walked through the entire room and went to every table to make sure everyone got their time. Jordan did a small corner of the room and then left. Joe walked around and signed stuff and took pictures. Danny didn't walk around at first but then he did and got his way into a corner. Jon stayed by the stage for a while but eventually got into the room and took pictures and signed stuff. He had a stack of napkins with him for his nose. Did I mention he sounded like crap?? Joe took off soon after Jordan but he did well with his amount of time there. Danny left next. Jon stayed almost to the end which was surprising but he was very nice. Donnie stayed there until the very end and the Event Staff was getting annoyed because they needed him to go get ready and leave the venue as they had to set it up for something else. But no one rushed him.

When it was time for our picture, we lined up first in our group. I walked up and told Danny that his breakdance intro from Joey got one of the loudest screams from me in Boston because Joey mentioned "Fields Corner Dorchester" where we're from and he was 'oh ok'. Didn't really seem that interested. Then I made a beeline to Donnie because I noticed another girl starting to stand next to him. I asked him how he was feeling and he said like *&*#$. I asked if the doctor helped and he told me not really. He said I was very thougtful for asking. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I tried to stand next to him for the picture but these two older women came over and really did a number of overtaking him. Plus the fact that they had huge womanly assets and used them to push me out of the way didn't help either...I realized I was going to be standing by myself and I panicked. Then Joey stood in front and said "I want a piece of someone, I have no one to hold me" so I jumped out and said "I will hold you!" So he grabbed my hand and we knelt down in front together and I wrapped myself around him and he told me to hold tighter. Okay!!

After our picture, I stood up and gave Joey a hug and told him he rocked it at home and he said "but of course we did, it was home!" Then I found Jon and gave him a hug and told him to feel better. I made my way to Jordan who was quietly standing there so I said "hi, nice to see you again" and gave him a hug. Then I had to go back to Donnie...I just had to. I walked back over and said "thank you" and gave him another hug. I know, I even felt selfish at this point. I told him that I've been in love with him for years and he just smiled that Donnie grin at me. I showed him my hardware bracelet and that I've had it for 17 years because of him. He held my hand, kissed the back of my hand and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek, hugged me and picked me up! He said I was the sweetest little thing. And with that I winked and walked off the stage...

During the mingling part, I was able to get my picture with him and he signed my "DOT" sticker. He was incredibly gracious & sweet. I was also able to get my picture with Jon & Danny and Joe signed a picture of he & I from 1999. He looked at me and then the picture and said "what was this 10 years ago? My goodness..." It was so so so good! I can't wait to go back and do it all over again in November!

We had great seats - 7th row dead center so I certainly can't complain as I've been quite lucky. We originally thought we had 14th row (last row in the first section) but it turns out the numbers start off differently in the middle section!

A great show - they guys seemed into it which I was worried since Donnie & Jon were still pretty sick. Jon sounded HORRIBLE in person during the M&G. Donnie said he felt like utter *&@.
The sound during 'Single' was really bad - the mic levels were quiet versus the band. I didn't take as many pictures at this show than I did the previous two and that's probably because I had a very annoying girl in front of me who kept holding up a HUGE-ARSE sign or her hand or her pink phone. I took several pictures of just her arm or hand that I had to delete. She became an annoyance early on.

Show Glitches:
  • Donnie screwed up when singing Right Stuff and almost went into his solo part rather than the group and started laughing and couldn't stop. Everytime he looked at Danny, he would chuckle at himself.
  • The wind machine wasn't working during BIBIY and Jordan didn't open his shirt until the very end and then he even seemed shy about having it open and kept covering himself.
  • During the B Stage songs, Jordan almost fell off the stage when dancing during Tonight, as he lost his balance. Thankfully he got himself but then started to laugh.
  • The door didn't open during Twisted and Joe, Donnie & Jordan had to start singing from underneath.
  • Jon messed up dance moves during Right Stuff and Favorite Girl and at one point just stood until he could figure out his place.

Overall it was a really good show and the guys seemed into it, however the crowd itself didn't seem that loud but that could be me. Plus, we made two great new friends that I hope we'll continue to stay in touch with and remain friends for a long time.

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