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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boston 5* Meet and Greet...

Here are the "official group pictures" of Alyson & my's group shot in Boston on September 28th. At least I'm next to Donnie and my head is not cut off like I anticipated it would be.

So while I'm not at all happy with the quality of these pictures, I am happy to have them. And I'll crop, tweak, and edit them to see what I can do with them to make them my own.

But at least I got my Donnie love & facetime...despite his cold.

The girl in the white shirt & gray hat was PISSED that I was standing next to Donnie and not moving. She was the one who knocked the bottle out of his hand.

Here is a picture that the ILAA host took of Alyson & I, it's actually a cute picture.

And then here is a pretty goofy picture of me after I won my fancy 6" button. That's right - I got me a big ole button.

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