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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recap: Boston Show 9/28/08...

It's hard to describe the overall day because it could very well be one of the most amazing nights of my life! That's certainly not to take away from any other wonderful night - but this definitely ranks up there as top 3! The whole day/night/show was fan-freakin'-tastic! Since it was a Sunday, Dan was all set to watch Alexander for the day. I decided to go in early and met up with Stacey to see if we could catch them &/or the buses. I originally wanted to be in there for 2pm because that's what seems to be a theme for them arriving at venues. However, due to the rain, I didn't get in there until 2:45ish.

Oh did I mention that it was raining YET AGAIN?

Stacey & I hung out on the side. A few buses drove in but parked in the back and girls tried to get back there but a security dude wouldn't let them in. Although girls were asking staff if they were here already, I had a gut feeling that they were as it was a very busy day for them. So I took it as if something happens - great. If not, I'm not going to worry as I do have 5* VIP tonight!

Then as it became time for me to meet up with Alyson and get in line for 5*, what seemed like the entire city of Boston's fire department pulled up. If the firemen didn't get off the trucks and start to set up hoses, I would have thought the boys were going to get off the trucks. For a second I was worried that there was a fire and that the show would be cancelled... thankfully I was wrong but also no boys on the trucks. No such luck... so I met up with Alyson and we got in line for 5* VIP.

As opposed to Friday night, the line was out the door rather than people standing in the hallway. I panicked at first thinking we were so far back but it ended up not being an issue. We got in line and go up to check-in. The Meet & Greet was being held in Legends Restaurant inside so you had to go upstairs, and then go up another flight of stairs and then wait. There was one girl who was quite overweight and at first I felt bad for her because she had to go up the stairs and it was obviously a problem for her but then when Garden security pointed out an escalator and she said no and continued to bitch about walking up stairs and how she was going to have a heart attack, I lost sympathy for her. Before the check-in table is the merchandise table which was causing some confusion for those who didn't want to buy anything. Finally, we get up to the check-in table for our turn.

We get up to the table and I keep saying in my head "please be Section B, that's all I ask, Section B". We sign in, get our tickets, laminates, and goodies and I step to the side and immediately check my tickets. OH MY! I start to freak out a bit and Alyson just looks at me as if I'm lying. She gets a bit worried at first but then she knows exactly what I'm holding. Crazy! YUP - that's right, we are now the proud owners of FRONT ROW CENTER seats. How we got so lucky is still a mystery but one I'll gladly accept! We kept looking at our tickets as if they were going to change back to what they really were. But nope - front row. We would look at each other and just laugh. And then while sitting there we would just say "Front Row - we have Front Row".

Then it's time for the actual Meet & Greet (M&G). Robo (their bodyguard from even back in the day) comes out and gives the rules (no rushing the guys, no taking pictures from your own camera when up for the group photo, no blocking them as they walk around, etc) and he seems to be in a really good mood. He explains that people should stay in their seat. Did they?? NOOOOO! Why won't these women realize they need to act their age?

The guys come into the room and although Donnie is sick, he comes running in. With no hat - nice! They're all in good moods and seem really happy to be back home!

They line up the groups and take the photos. It's our turn and and we're standing first in our group ('N'). I realized that being first has a huge advantage as you can say Hi, take your time and then just stay put with where you want to stand for the picture. I say Hi to Danny and give him a hug - he was very sweet and thanked me for coming. Next was Donnie. I walked right up to him, gave him a hug and we gave each other a kiss on the check. I told him I was just going to stand here right next to him and for him not to let go and he said "but of course". Then I told him when he mingles if he could come over to the side and he said he couldn't promise because he has a doctor coming after the photos. I apologized to him for not feeling well and he said it's "okay baby, I feel good now that you're here." I could have melted. He started to hug other girls but kept one arm around me. Some girl gave me a very, very dirty look. She knocked the bottle of water out of his hand, so I reached down to get it and Donnie kept his hand on my lower back the whole time. sigh. Then it was time to take the picture and Danny was trying to pull me closer to him and said you gotta let the girls in. I said "Sorry Danny but I can't leave Donnie" so he said "sure thing they can crouch down" and he put his arm around me too! Not a bad combo if you ask me! I got on my tiptoes to make sure I was in the picture and then they took the picture. I gave Donnie another hug and told him to feel better. Then Joe was standing directly in front of me (it made me wonder if he was actually in the picture). He said "hey how are ya doing". I said good and told him that he looked good and I loved his scarf. He said "why thank ya". Then I told him we were in front row so I expected him to rock it. And I got a thumbs up. Before we were going to get pushed out, I made my way over to Jordan and gave him a hug and said Hi, thanks. He said Hi and that was about it. Last hug was Jon. He was too busy checking out this girl and her shirt (she was very pretty), then he turned around and said "thanks for coming" and we hugged, I said Thanks and I went back to my seat. I was very happy!

As for the mingling, I knew Donnie wouldn't be around so I just sat back and relaxed. Jordan walked by quickly but no one really knew what he was doing so he didn't get hounded. He plays the confusion card well. He did a circle around the place and then he left by the side exit. Jon left pretty much immediately but did sign a few autographs on his way out. Joe definitely stayed the longest. He walked around the whole room and he signed stuff as he walked. He was very nice & friendly. Danny started to go around but signed stuff and then left by the side entrance. Overall, even though Donnie didn't walk around, it was definitely still worth it.

Then we got to our seats and the whole night started to sink in. While Natasha was on a SLEW of kids came up and stood in front of us against the barrier. One of the girls was very sweet and told me that they were only staying during Natasha as they weren't allowed to be there during New Kids. She told me they were Joe's nieces and nephews. There was a ton of them! But she was quite sweet. Then after they left 3 women snuck in and stood at our place on the barricade. I heard her say "there's no way in hell i'm leaving here". It was going to get ugly. They were friends of the family so I know they shouldn't be there as they were already backstage. She was saying how she got her picture taken with Jordan. Thankfully security went down the row and asked everyone for a ticket and since they didn't have one they were told and then forced to leave. Okay, security checked for tickets because I asked them too...hahaha!

One interesting point to note. The person who sat next to me... yeah, the very large, overweight girl who complained earlier in the night. She was so large, she took up her seat, 1/2 of mine and 1/2 of the other seat. Before the guys came on, I was sitting down next to her and she stood up and I literally was bounced out of my seat! Alyson & I had to look away from laughing outloud. It was so funny yet sad all at the same time.

Another thing I don't understand is why girls would get SO drunk. The majority of girls attending are girls who are DYING to see them perform again and you're so drunk that you can't remember your own name, you fall down, or you vomit on yourself. How is that a fun evening if you can't even remember the show!? Yeah, that's why I'm not a fan of drinking...We had a couple drunkards and one of them just stood at my seat and wouldn't leave. A couple people tried to get her to move but she was so gone she couldn't even understand what people were saying to her. Charlie Brown anyone? WAHH WAHH WAHH WAHH.

Enough of that craziness...The actual show was amazing. I have to say I was so much calmer and more relaxed once the show started than I was Friday night when I was further back on the floor. I just kept taking a step back and taking it all in and actually WATCHING them perform instead of jumping to see what they were doing or watching the screen. What amazes me is that even though I actually WATCHED the show I still managed to get over 350+ pictures. And this is all while watching the show...

There were so many points in the show where Donnie was on the extended stage RIGHT in FRONT of me and would look down. It was a dream come true to be that close as he performs. Several times during the night, I'd put my hand up in the hopes he'd (or anyone) would slap it but nothing until the very end during Hangin' Tough! Then I got my Donnie-hand-slap!

At one point at the end of the show, (I think during Summertime) Joe was dancing in front of us and he was smiling & winking at some one. I thought to myself "whoa - that's cool if you can get that connection with Joe". And then it hit me - Joe's smiling at ALYSON. I look over at her and she's smiling back and says to me "oh yeah, it was with me". Too funny.

The guys were incredible, the show was incredible, our seats were incredible, the night was incredible!

A few little bloopers that were quite entertaining:
  • Jon forgot some dance steps and Joe saying "come on buddy" and they were chuckling
  • Jordan missing a few words during GITY
  • Joe & Donnie bumped into each other and Joe couldn't stop laughing
I never would have picked up on these little things if I was not so blessed to be in the Front Row. Believe you me - I understand just how fortunate & lucky I am for what happened and I'm so thankful. The whole show was amazing even without an appearance from Paul Pierce. To top it all off, VH1 was there broadcasting the first 3 songs LIVE and when I got home I turned on my DVR and watched it all over again! And the coolest part is that you can see Alyson & I!

Alyson & I are going on Tuesday to CT (5* again) so hopefully Donnie's feeling better so I can get a picture and then be in my blissful state...

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