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Friday, November 7, 2008

Recap: Providence, RI 11/6/08

New Kids On The Block ~ Providence, RI ~ November 6th, 2008

Last night was my fourth show in the NKOTB Mini-Fall 2008 Tour. This particular show was a normal show, no frills, whistles, or bells. Just a good ole fashion concert to go, watch, listen & enjoy. It was almost hard to do just that, enjoy without frills, but I certainly can always enjoy the guys. Frills or no frills.

Alyson & Moira joined the tour as well. Alyson & I originally got tickets but thankfully Moira was able to find a single ticket on ticketmaster so she could come too. I'm glad she was able to because she commented how she wished she was able to see the show more than once and that we were able to go together. We got there for 7:30pm but took our time getting to our seats as we weren't that interested in seeing the opening acts. We completely missed Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga opened before Natasha Beddingfield and I had no clue...and I thought we got there in plenty of time. Guess the 'music' was so 'eh' that I thought it was just the sound system. Oops. I've heard from other people that she wasn't good at all...We didn't see Natasha either but we heard her from our spot on the concourse.

We hung out on the concourse having a snack & drinks. And all the while we were doing a serious case of People-Watching. For the record, I don't mind the city of Providence but this was definitely a different crowd/vibe. It really seemed to have more of a 'white-trash' or bad-slutty vibe. Some of the outfits girls were wearing were horrific. There were girls who were fully decked in head-to-toes 80s garb (long oversized, off the shoulder tshirts, leg warmers, spandex 'pants', and stilletos) and they had their hair in ponytails off to the side. BAD BAD BAD!

Other girls took the slutty approach. So I've seen slutty outfits and some women have the bodies/confidence/clothes to pull it off, however the attempts last night were a) over the top b) inappropriate c) HORRIBLE. I don't want to see your cleavage that's pushed up to your armpits and apparent that the shirt hurts like hell. I also don't want to see your love handles over your microskirt which you keep tugging on because you don't feel comfortable wearing it.

You do realize you're sitting in section 221?? Jordan can't see your boobs. Jordan doesn't want to see your mangled boobs.

Donnie might want to, but that's a different story.

We got to our seats which were floor seats but all the way in the back. So they weren't bad seats but they certainly weren't great seats. However, Alyson & I looked at each other and then at the B-Stage when we realized just how close we were for that. ka-ching. That was the frill for this show...yes.

The show came on! My camera didn't take well because of the lighting so I decided to take some but save it for the B-Stage. It was great because I was able to sing, dance, jump, and watch if I wanted to. I even heard the girl next to me tell her friend that "the girl next to me knows all the dance moves already".

Of course I do...would you expect anything less?

The show was great, the sound wasn't the best in the beginning and Jordan sounded off but it definitely improved as the show went on. Then it was time to make our way over to the B-Stage to get a good spot. Robo, their bodyguard, came back and was standing in people's way. Just because. Then we were all told to move we did for a bit and then their assistant came over with some girl with a pass (who I'm convinced I've seen her before - I just don't know from where) and told her where to stand. So we knew to hop back over and this time they didn't tell us to leave.

They sang 3 songs back there and we were so damn close. I got a few smiles and Danny pointed at me once. Donnie didn't see me but that's what Saturday will be for! They were all in great moods, laughing & joking with each other. Donnie is amazing for fans. He would take stuff from the crowd, sign it and give it back. He took a girls sign, signed it, had Danny sign it, gave it back and blew the girl a kiss. He made her life I heard her say. Joe talked to the crowd and was goofing off with Jordan. It was fun to be that close to see them perform, sing, sweat, dance, and joke THAT close for at least 10 minutes.

It was at THAT moment I realized just how sad I'll be tomorrow night when this mini-tour is over.

After the B-Stage, they headed back up to main stage and Alyson & I just enjoyed ourselves. We sang, grooved, and screamed. Okay, I may have done more screaming than she did. Overall it was yet again a great show and I loved every second of it.

Here are some of my observations from the show:
*Sound wasn't that great in the beginning but thankfully improved as the night went on
*Jon messing up the Right Stuff dance and Joe pretending to beat him up
*Jordan singing too loud during Summertime and Joe laughing at him
*Click Click Click pose (Jordan's jump & continous movement)
*Donnie teasing dropping his pants during Cover Girl
*B Stage - SO CLOSE
*Our seats were not great overall but amazing for the B Stage
*Jordan fixing his plastic bracelets
*Donnie signing posters while at the B Stage
*Shirt for Jordan: "let's make out all night" and then he & Joe signing off the cuff about it
*Not a lot of talk about "Let's Get This"

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Kristin said...

I love the recap and the pics. I almost felt like I was there... without the coolness of actually being there. :)