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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Official Group Photos for Mohegan Sun 11/08...

After almost 2 weeks of 'patiently' waiting, the group photos are up at ILAA's website. Per the other Meet & Greet photos, the quality sucks. And not only that...I'm at the end no where near Donnie, or Joe for that matter.

Stacey looks extremely excited to be cuddly with Jon and Alyson & Joe look damn cute with their hats. But can I just ask...why the hell am I holding my own arse? Shouldn't someone else be doing that for me? All I'm saying that it's kharma that the girl in the blue bubble dress, who pushed me out of the way of my Donnie spot, looks like she has a HUGE ARSE!

And...the pic of Joe & I on the ground was not on the site, as I expected. It was taken by the group's photographer. I've contacted them to see if it's at all possible to get a copy of the picture...obviously you'll know if I did in fact get a copy of the picture!

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