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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Recap: Mohegan Sun/CT Show 11/8/08...

I'm sad. My Fall 2008 NKOTB mini-tour is over. I went to 5 shows for 5 guys from the Beantown land... But what a way to go out...5* at Mohegan!

M&G was cool, a different vibe from the first 5* Mohegan, more amped up I think. It was in a different location than before - this time the ballroom as opposed to the Cabaret Theatre. The line was crazy long but it was fun to watch people look for their different groups and then say "oh you look nothing like your picture". It seemed to take a long time to check people in than it has in other M&Gs. The nice woman from ILAA was getting really annoyed with people coming up saying we have 7 in our group/8 in our group because we were making the process longer for her. She even made a comment to us so we promised to make it very easy and not argue with her as some girls in front of us were. We got in (I was with my sister, Stacey & Kelley) and we met 2 girls from NY. (Who later got caught taking video of the show)

We were group J (For Joe/Jon/Jordan). Once in the ballroom they had curtains set up in the back to partion off a secluded section for the group photos which helped make it more private. Good thing was that it was better for your specific group shot to keep it personal but you don't get to catch glimpses of them throughout the time there. We sat at the table and waited for our turn. Robo came in, gave the speech about sitting, cameras, phones etc. People were still using phones but cameras remainded hidden. Then the screaming began as the guys came into the room and poked their heads thru the curtains. Donnie came in, stood on a chair and 'asked' for the screams. He said a few things in the bullhorn but couldn't really hear him. Then they did the photos.

When it was our turn, we got in line and got ready. And for some reason I had huge butterflies in my stomach. I was wearing a "Dot Rat" shirt in the hopes to have a good Donnie conversation. And afterall, I am a true, original Dot Rat. I walked in the curtain and was first in my group. Danny yelled out "DOT RAT" and he held his arms out for a hug. So I hugged him, then hugged Jordan as I wanted to get to Donnie who was next. I went over to Donnie and he gave me a huge hug. He asked how I was doing and said good I see. He winked at me and said that he appreciated the shirt. I told him that back at the Boston CD Signing I told him that from one Dot Rat to another I was proud of him and he said I know (which got me confused) and then he said, because of you I got my own Dot Rat shirt, did you see? I said yes which is why I have mine. He kept saying I got it because of you and that you told me that. I wore it to the show, did you see? At this point I was so confused because I couldn't really believe that he got & wore the shirt because I told him that a fellow Dot Rat was proud. So I hugged him again and he grabbed my hand so hard and tried to put me next to him but I was twarted by another girl! DAMMIT!

SO I went to hug Joe & Jon and then I heard Robo say picture time. I, again, was not standing next to a guy. I panicked. I went to look for Joe because I saw Donnie had two girl clinging on to either side. Then I saw Stacey standing next to Jon who had no one else with him, so I jumped at the end next to Jon. Who by the way smells very clean and his sweater was very cozy to hug.

The picture was over and I saw Stacey telling Jon about the twix gift she left for them and he said "oh thank you so much". Then Joe goofily collapsed on the floor. I asked Jon if he was going to make it to the show and he said "yeah, he's just being a goof". Then you heard Jordan on the bullhorn "And ladies if you look to your left you will see Joe McIntyre passed out on the floor". So I went over to Joe to help him up. I gave him my hand and said I'd help him up, but he pulled me down on the floor next to him. WELL HELL YEAH! I wasn't going to pass this up. I laid down next to him and put my head on his shoulder a bit and said 'well this is comfy'. And he said "I never laid down with a Dot Rat before". And then the ILAA photographer came over and took our picture from up above. It was quite fun & cute!

Then all the groups when through and Joe & Donnie poked through the curtain and thanked everyone. They used the bullhorn and thanked us as they know a lot of us have come to multiple shows/M&Gs and that they appreciate it. Then Joe said it was time for them to 'blow our asses up'.

And that was it- no mingling, individual pics, etc. They were running really late so we figured that there wouldn't be any of that. And that was the M&, entertaining, confusing, quick

The show was of course fantastic...We had 7th row and despite being behind a jerk-off and a hoochie-mama it was so much fun! However, the security in the arena really is pretty bad. They gave me a hard time for having the bottow piece of my ticket missing that says 'no cameras' and almost wouldn't let me to my seat but then they'll let EVERYONE and their Mother's down to front row and just stand in the aisles and try to get in your seat.

I've decided that I've already recapped the show and know just how great it is that I'm not going to recap to discuss the annoyances of the night. No need to ruin such a perfectly good memory/evening with them! Plus, I got to hang out with friends during the night and also meet up with new friends, Megan & Mel! You can't beat a night out with friends who all enjoy the men from The Block just as much as you do... It was a great night!

I took a lot of pics so I'll post those when I get them up. Summer '09 can't come fast enough...

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Kristin said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Sounds like a great night. What a wonderful tour.