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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Donnie Wahlberg's Birthday Party

Donnie had a birthday party last night at Mohegan Sun to celebrate his 40th birthday (again - as he turned 40 last year). Of course I wasn't missing out!
We had a great location of where we stood as it was right in front of the podium Donnie was going to be on to perform/talk. So nice to be that close!He came out and thanked everyone for being there! Then he had the entire club sing happy birthday to 'us' as he wanted it to be one giant celebration for all of us. Then he came over to 'cut' the cake. The cake had these cool chocolate decorations on them which had pictures of Donnie on them from different years/shows, etc. He started handing out some to the crowd and of course girls got pushy.

At one point he started to walk towards the other side of the club and hand out a few more chocolate pieces. Then, as if by magic, he turns to his left and sees me around one of the security guys shoulder. He gave me a great big grin as if to say 'I know you're here'. He takes a chocolate piece from the tray and hands it to me! ME! Someone else tried to grab it but he took it back to make sure I got it. It was very cool. Here's my chocolate piece which is now in a plastic bag in my freezer!He performed 'Rise & Grind', "I Got It" and one of Jimmy & Roscoe's songs. At the end of the night, he sang along to 'Single'!As the night went on, I was okay that I might not get a hug from Donnie but felt lucky because I did get a chocolate picture handed to me by him! The night was winding down and I needed to go rest my feet so I went to hang with Kim & Stacy in their little nook. All of a sudden, Donnie walks toward the podium just where I'm standing! He sees me & heart just sang. We both cocked our heads to the side and then he put his arm out for a hug. My night was complete. Then he started to be goofy before he got on the podium and was starting to groove on. I couldn't resist swaying with him and putting my head on his shoulders...did I mention pure bliss!?
I couldn't have asked for a better night - I got to celebrate Donnie's birthday, Donnie handed me chocolate (that's like mecca), I got a Donnie hug & a smile! Pure bliss!

Stacy, Stacey, Kim, Me & Kim hanging out at the end of the night! It's always great to see these girls!

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