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Friday, June 19, 2009

DDub Soldier...

Donnie has been asking his loyal fans (who he nicknamed soldiers) to show they're true soldiers when they see him. I tried to think of something clever and came up with a dog tag inspired theme but similar to a M&G laminate.
He was so touched by it at the Mohegan show that he held it and kept saying thank you. I was so excited for the lovefest that I forgot to ask him to sign it. So I knew that at the Mansfield M&G I had a very small window for operation autograph!
As soon as my group walked in, I made a beeline to him. We had a small chat, he said it was nice to see me again and I asked if he could sign my tag since I now had one for both Mohegan & Mansfield. He said sure and signed it. And just as he finished security walked over and asked what I was doing.
I played stupid and headed over to Joe...what? what autograph??
That's right - Operation Autograph Complete!