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Monday, May 4, 2009

Donnie D Productions Launch Party...

Last night, Stacey & I went to the Launch Party for Donnie D Productions. He's producing a new artist, Jimmy Marsh for his record label. Jimmy Marsh is a member of the NorthSide Boys from back in the day so of course I had to go to support my Dorchester boys. The show was good, better than I anticipated.

Stacey & I met up for dinner at Ned Devine's around 6pm (but we're both always early) and we met in the exact same spot where we had our original private facetime moments back in September. We had dinner, hung out and joked about the weather and if it would rain or not. We decided to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) to see if there was a line or not...

We got a tweet from Donnie that they just finished up soundcheck so we figured missed them. So we dropped stuff off at our cars and waited for what seemed like forever for the elevator - but as we'll come to find out that was important to do! Heading to the HRC, we were about to turn the corner to the front door and we hear girls clammering and I see flashes going off. My stomach flips thinking that maybe just maybe...and no sooner do I look thru the doors but Donnie comes out wearing a black shirt & his green Boston Hat. There was a small group of girls before us who he nodded and gave one of them a high five. He walked towards us and I wasn't letting him go with just a high five. I said Hi Donnie and he stopped, grabbed my hand, gave me a hug and we gave each other cheek kisses (honestly these are my FAVORITE kind from him). He stopped and gave Stacey a hug & kiss too. He was so sweet and happy. I barely had time to realize that I had my camera in the other hand but then his buddy pointed him in the direction of the hotel.

AHHHHHH - he made my 2008 and he made my 2009! At that moment, I didn't care how the party went I got my facetime moment.

Stacey & I went in the HRC to wait/hang out. There were plenty of other girls in there too doing the same thing. We sat at the bar and checked out the scene because a HRC hostess told us that we would be able to stay inside and then at 10pm just go over to be checked in. We asked if we would have to line up or go outside and she said no, so we were pretty excited.
She was wrong. At about 9pm, they told us to go outside to line up. More waiting. But at least it wasn't raining! But to be consistent - it was a Donnie Wahlberg event as opposed to a NKOTB event and there was small amounts of sprinkling vs rain. We stood outside with everyone else, including VIPs (who were told on the confirmation they would not have to be in line). Donnie & crew arrived right around 10pm, and finally at about 10:20pm they let people in and we made our way to the stage. We actually ended up getting a pretty decent position at the stage area, only 2 people in front of us most of the time. However, we did seem to have amazon women all around us who got mad at us for just standing there when they were a good foot taller than both of us! HELLO, we're not tall!

There was a dance group before Jimmy Marsh and they were pretty good, and then all of a sudden I look around to check out the crowd and Jordan walks by. I guess he had issues getting past HRC staff (oh lord). The pic I took of Jordan is great because a girl's expression is PRICELESS...look at the picture to see for yourself! There was a M&G, on the stage, for folks who bought VIP. I'm 75/25 glad I didn't do VIP because you paid more and besides a picture, didn't get a better spot at the stage, etc. But the 25% of me is mad because you got the group photo and if you brought up your own camera, Donnie took individual pics with everyone. Crowds were manageable and there was no one pushing people off. It seemed to work well and we watched all of it.

Then it was showtime - there was a great video of Donnie D Productions that I believe Stacey the meantime here's a copy I found on youtube:

Donnie introduced Jimmy Marsh and came right out to the center stage, right in front of us. He even leaned in and let folks get at him. I got stepped on and smooshed by a few amazon women, but I did have my hand on his hand while he was holding the mic. I even was able to take a moment, look at my hand on his while on the mic - it was pretty damn cool.Love this grin...Donnie seemed incredibly happy all night as well he should be. He & Jimmy did some great stuff and the party went very well (except for the line part). Then for the encore, if you will, Donnie came on stage and sang the latest song they did call "I don't give a F*ck". The crowd loved it... Donnie rocked his shades for this performance and the actual song is pretty damn catchy. I just cannot listen to it at work or around my son, for obvious reasons. Overall, it was a fun night and I'm incredibly happy that I went. I'm also incredibly happy that I got more facetime! Bring on 2009!!

And here's a link to all of the pics I took last night: Donnie D Production Launch Party

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Kristin said...

What a great night!