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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet and Greet Pictures...

Pics of Meet & Greet from Mohegan:
This displays some of my lovefest with Donnie. Our group consisted of a lot of 5* virgins so they really had no idea what to expect. We lined up and they all asked who we all wanted and it lined up perfectly - there were only 2 Donnie girls! As soon as I got him, I wasn't letting go...and I notice I always go to his right side. He kept whispering things so it made the time so much fun!

Meet & Greet Pics from Mansfield:
I had a very fiesty group who the majority were Donnie girls so I know my chance was limited. I figured that as long as I got my hug/kiss, and he signed my tag then I could share him. And if I can't have Donnie, I'd like Joe please. I chatted with Joe about the bookdrive and how I brought a lot of books tonight. He was so excited and appreciative!

Stacey was extremely happy with Mansfield because being on the end with Jon makes it feel as if it's just the two of them. Plus, it makes for a nicer cropped/zoomed picture of the two of them! Normally, we have to wait almost two weeks to have these pictures posted. But for some blessed reason, each group was posted the night of the show! Talk about being blessed!

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