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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Guess who's twittering??

My Man, Donnie! You should check him out:

His tweet posts are funny/entertaining/interesting/pure enjoyment. Obviously, you have to know him to understand some of them...but it works for me!

At first folks weren't sure if he was *the* Donnie but lo & behold it is him...his list of followers has grown to almost 4,000 followers in just a week. In fact, his list of followers has almost doubled in 24 hours as he was at ~2,100 yesterday morning.

It's amazing how much influence this man has on so many - me included!

I've sent a few tweets his way and we'll see if he ever replies to me/others. I'll be waiting to see what happens next...all I know is that this is fun to have this connection with him. He's definitely gone out of his way to make himself accessible to fans and you gotta respect that!

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