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Saturday, October 11, 2008

5* VIP Pictures...

Finally, the 5* VIP pictures have been posted for our shows. So while I'm very happy to have these as a momento of the evening, I have a few gripes.

For what the cost is per person, these pictures are horrible. The camera they use is a small digital point & shoot that is clearly a few years old. The quality of each picture has a lot to be desired for. While I understand they may not be able to hire professional photographers for each show, they could at least use a better camera. If you try to enlarge this picture, it becomes grainey & pixely.

And not only that - ILAA (the event sponsor) does not mail you out a copy of the photo. You have to save it from their website and that's all you get. So if you wanted a high quality 5x7 or even larger picture of your experience, I hope you're okay to have a shite-arse picture.

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