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Sunday, June 21, 2009


That's all I can say.


What a way to end my Full Service tour but with a BANG! I went to the Mohegan Sun show on Thursday, June 18th & then the hometown show in Mansfield, MA on June 19th.

Stacey & I went together and did the 5* Meet & Greet because there really is no other way to experience them then through 5*!

Between the two shows I took about 1,500 pictures! 1,500. Crazy! I'm currently in the process of cropping & uploading them now so once they're good to go, I'll definitely post them.

I plan on doing a recap of both shows including the Meet & Greet's but let's just say that I couldn't have asked for anything better! Both Meet & Greet's & concerts were phenomenal! I got some major facetime with Donnie at the Mohegan M&G that the security called it a "lovefest". I managed to get him to sign my soldier tag at Mansfield.

Joe was so sweet to me both nights and he looked hot rocking the new "rocksicle" hair do!

There were so many amazing moments that I'm going to do my best to recount them all because it would be a shame to forget one second. So before I do the actual recap, here's a quick snapshot of what's in my brain that I don't want to forget

Mohegan Moments
  • Rain
  • M&G with Stacey - had fun despite the disorganization, hung out with "normal" girls & our photo group was cool
  • Lovefest with Donnie at Mohegan (talking about my tag, he said he loves me and that I was cute)
  • Thanking Joe for selecting me for the bookdrive for Mansfield even though I couldn't participate
  • Didn't get to hug Danny during M&G - he didn't get a lot of lovin' from our group
  • Our seats were 2nd row center
  • missed Donnie introducing Jabbas
  • Jabbas throwing their hanky at me for chatting with Stacey
  • The Show!

Mansfield Moments

  • Rain in the AM but then the sun came out
  • M&G with Stacey - a bit more organized but this one had a weird vibe. It was as if everyone wanted to come to the hometown show and everyone seemed to be a Donnie girl
  • M&G photo was great - Donnie signed my tag & gave me a hug/kiss thanking me for coming back
  • Talked to Joe about bookdrive, and how I brought a lot of books - he was very appreciative
  • Asked Jon about my uncles and he didn't really seem to care
  • Hugged Danny this time
  • Went to hug Jordan but he had a spider on his shoulder so I picked it off and he called me the "spider saver" - he was in a good mood
  • Seats were 3rd row center!
  • Donnie & Jordan brought Elijah, Dante, Chance & Rob Jr out to introduce Jabbas
  • Got lots of face time DURING the show from Donnie - so much so that I thought I was imagining it until Stacey confirmed it
  • Hometown show was incredible - very emotional for me
  • Cried/teared up several times (opening, IBLYF, One Song, Games, Donnie's talk, Hangin' Tough, and end) and then driving home - 20 years, same venue between shows


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